How to Play?

ChipMaster is a 2 player game.

Both players target the ChipMaster MiniCourse with a goal to reach 21+points first!


Setup the ChipMaster MiniCourse

15 feet away from the 2 hitting mats

(one for each player).


Use rock paper scissors or a coin toss to

determine who goes first.

Each player gets 4 shots per round.


The player who scores more in the 4-shot

round gets the difference of the points.

(This is a net scoring/cancellation system

similar to Cornhole)


The first player to reach 21+ points is the winner!

The winner gets to start the next round.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each MiniCourse Chipping board is 48 x 30 x 4 inches. Each board has a folding leg to elevate the board at a height of 12 feet, just at that perfect inclination! Weights 4 kg. 

Each board is made of high grade plastic so don’t worry about it breaking anytime soon.

We really stand-by our products. Each product undergoes a thorough QA before it is shipped to the warehouse. Please write to us at for any complaints!

Each ball weighs 8-9gm. It is made of soft PU(Polyurethane) material ensuring safety while playing indoors and outdoors!

Yes, use what you are comfortable with. We provide the clubs to ensure that anyone with or without golf clubs can play and our clubs work perfectly with the lightweight balls we provide.

Please email us at All emails will be replied back in 48 hours. We respect your time and would like to provide all the help we can!