Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the size and dimensions of the chipping board?

Each Chipping board is 48 x 30 x 6 inches. Each board has a folding leg to elevate the board at a height of 12 feet, just at that perfect inclination! Weights 4 kg. 

What angle is the chipping wedge?

The chipping wedge provided is 58 degrees. 

Can I use normal golf clubs?

Yes, use what you are comfortable with. We provide the clubs to ensure that anyone with or without golf clubs can play and our clubs work perfectly with the lightweight balls we provide.

What is the weight of the ball?

Each ball weighs 8-9gm. It is made of hard PU(Polyurethane) material ensuring safety while playing indoors/outdoors.

What is your return policy?

We really stand-by our products. Each product undergoes a thorough QA before it is shipped to our warehouse. We will replace it free of cost if you receive the Chipmaster damaged.

What is the material of the Chipping board?

Each board is made of high quality plastic so don’t worry about it breaking anytime soon.

Do you provide customization?

We want to make your specially customized board! Please contact us on for any customization enquiries.

How is it better than other products on the market? 

We have carefully designed the outer design of the product to be durable, the hitting green to make an exciting mini golf game and designed all the accessories inhouse. This game will give you the actual feel you get while playing on the golf course. Be careful of that bunker!

Some of the features which makes us exceptional:

  1. Patented Collapsible golf clubs 
  2. A branded LIT bag to pack it all up in a compact space.

I lost all the balls. Do you provide additional balls?

Yes! We provide all the spare accessories and parts. Please visit our website to order or contact us for any additional queries.

What is your contact information?

Please email us at All emails will be replied back in 48 hours. We respect your time and would like to provide all the help we can!